Originally from San Francisco, Kyle Mizono is one of the last international Beanie Baby collectors and a comedian. Along with being a face frequently seen in the San Francisco and Los Angeles comedy scenes, her festival performances include SF Sketchfest, Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival and RIOT LA. Kyle also performed at The Funny or Die Hideout in Austin. She most recently appeared on the Viceland network's Flophouse and NPR's This American Life! She’s been involved with such nationally and internationally traveled shows as THE SUPER SERIOUS SHOW and HOT TUB WITH KURT AND KRISTEN.  

 |UpCOMING SHOWS :-) :-) :-)

July 12th, 2016
Java Jokes | Rise N Grind, 6501 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

July 12th, 2016
Sleepaway Camp Anniversary show | Downtown Independent, 251 S Main St, Los Angeles

July 20th, 2016
Very Forward | Malo, 4326 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

July 21st, 2016
Alex & Jude | Improv Lab, 8156 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

July 28th, 2016
Spa Night  | Junior High, 5656 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

July 31st, 2016
Master Cleanse  | Boardner's, 1652 N Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles

August 4th, 2016
Comic Books & Comedy | Hi De Ho Comics, 1431 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica

August 9th, 2016
Blam!Blam!Blam! | R Bar, 3331 W 8th St, Los Angeles

August 16th, 2016
Twelve.Twenty.FortyFive | Bar Lubitsch, 7702 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles

August 19th, 2016
Good Heroine (Echo Park Rising edition) | Stories, 1716 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 

August 21st, 2016
Power Violence | The Satellite, 1717 Silverlake Blvd, Los Angeles

August 22nd, 2016
We Deserve This  | Resident, 428 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles

August 22nd, 2016
Wheel of Fate | Tokyo Beat, 319 E 2nd St, Los Angeles

August 28th, 2016
Comedy Comedy Festival  | Japanese Cultural and Community Center, 244 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles

August 30th, 2016
Sleepaway Camp | Downtown Independent, 251 S Main St, Los Angeles

September 4th, 2016
Chatterbox | Chatterbox, 943 N Citrus Ave, Covina

September 16th, 2016
Juice Box  | L.A. Glaneur, 813 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles

September 20th, 2016
Creep Show  | 4326 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

September 24th, 2016
The Rainbow Brainskull Hour | Alternate Universe, 1498 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles



If you would like to say hi,
I'm reachable at thegoodpillow1@gmail.com 

Mosaic | (310) 786-8986
Lisa Shapiro | lshapiro@mosaicla.com


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